Lounge Bar

- the hub of the hotel -

Un lugar para dar descanso a sus sentidos: reponga sus fuerzas para seguir contemplando la belleza de los encantos del lugar

The cafe is the hub of the hotel. From here you can also access the different lounges, the restaurants and the spacious lobby of the new hotel area.

It is also a very familiar place where you will sometimes find the hotel staff and the family that runs the hotel relaxing after a long day work.

Meeting point due to its closeness the monastery, this place holds the Castilian charm mixed with the taste of their tapas, rations, snacks … etc..

A place to rest and enjoy after a long day visiting Silos and to recover your strength, that will allow you to continue discovering the beauty of the surroundings.







Typical Castilian Food

- Culinary Tradition -

Burgos has a very rich and ample cuisine. Many of their traditional dishes are already very popular, not only in Castile and Leon but also on the rest of Spain. The famous “Queso de Burgos” (soft white cheese eaten as a dessert, usually sided with honey and jelly) will impress you. Home–made Rice pudding will make crave for more, and roasted kid, lamb or suckling pig, will induce you to have a second go. Vegetables and potatoes, beans, lamb, red meat on the grill… are just some of the delicacies that are waiting for any visitor who wants to taste them.
In Hotel Santo Domingo de Silos you will find much of this cuisine and culinary tradition of the province of Burgos. All dishes are seasoned and marinated as only an ancient tradition preserved with natural ingredients and lifetime experience can serve.
The “picadillo” (minced spiced fried meat) will surprise you, both by the color and the flavor. The “morcilla” (black rice pudding) and the “lomo de la casa” (spiced pork loin) will call your attention by its smell and its cadence on the palate. The roast meats and the Castilian soup (bread soup), will remind you that you are in the land of the Cid. Red beans from Ibeas will make you doubt whether you may have tried anything so good ever.
And finally the desserts, the best way to end a good meal. We recommend you the home-made rice milk and the curd with honey… And of course all washed down with the finest wines of the Region: A “Ribera del Duero” a “Rioja” or a “Ribera del Arlanza” will help you discover the quality of the Spanish wines filling your table with the taste of sun, ripe fruits and all the flavour of Spain.

Dinning Rooms

- For Each Occasion -

We have different environments and spaces to meet the demand for all kinds of events:

"The Cid" Dinning Room

With a capacity for up to 120 guests, this ample dining room is decorated with murals / allegorical windows displaying scenes of the Monastery of Silos, the banishment of the Cid, St. Dominic, traditional pig slaughtering… that invites party and amusement for our guests.

His glazed doors, hardwood beams ceiling and neomudejar frames combine perfectly with the stone and the scenes of the cypress of Silos that oversees the room from the leaded glass.

"Mudéjar" Dinning Room

The Hotel has a restaurant for day-to-day service and menus. This room is designate as Mudéjar due to its decoration.

We know that your visit to Santo Domingo de Silos requires a break to eat well, regain strength and continue discovering the wonders hidden in the surroundings.

"The Cloister" Dinning Room

This is the largest dining room available in Hotel Santo Domingo de Silos, with a capacity for up to 330 people. It is the ideal location for an unforgettable wedding or event, for it will transport you to an old Castilian scenario full of ancestry and ancient tradition.

This room was named the cloister due to a glazed construction that, attached to the back wall, mimics the Romanesque cloister of the Monastery. A wide range of tables and platforms are available to ensure that every wedding is different from the others.

Adjoining to the dining room, there is a patio with a small kindergarten so that the children can play while the adults enjoy their time during the celebrations/events.